Kindly fill up the form available on our website and then drop down to the registered office address to complete the payment formalities.

At Ivy prep, we do not have an installment facility. The full course payment is done before the classes commence.

At Ivy prep , we do not accept credit card.

At Ivy Prep we do not have a refund policy.

  1. In case if the student misses a class, he/she can be a part of the same missed session taking place in another batch. The student will have to flexible enough to attend the same session at another time slot.
  2. All students have access to our Ivy Prep digital portal where they will be able to preview classes, review concepts or make-up missed sessions.

At Ivy prep we don’t offer trial sessions. All our students who sign up with us either have heard about us via their seniors or are aware about the scores secured by the previous students.

Ivy prep will hand over the material upon enrollment of students who have paid the fees.

All students who intend to give another attempt will have to pay a certain amount of tuition fees depending on the course they have enrolled.