1. Question 4 is based on this passage.
X-ray examination of a recently discovered painting—judged by some authorities to be a self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh—revealed an underimage of a woman’s face. Either van Gogh or another painter covered the first painting with the portrait now sec, on the surface of the canvas. Because the face of the woman in the underimage also appears on canvases van Gogh is known to have painted. the surface painting must be an authentic self-portrait by van Gogh.

4. The conclusion is properly drawn if which of the following is assumed?


2. Question 3 is based on this passage.
That sales can be increased by the presence of sunlight within a store has been shown by the experience of the only Savefast department store with a large skylight. The sky light allows sunlight into half of the gore, reducing the need for artificial light. The rest of the store uses only artificial light. Since the store opened two years ago, the departments on the sunlit side have had substantially higher sales than the other departments.
3.Which of the following, if true. most strengthens the argument?


3. In a distribution of 850 different measurements, x centimeters is at the 73rd percentile. If there are 68 measurements in the distribution that are greater than y centimeters but less than x centimeters, then y is approximately at what percentile in the distribution?


4. 2.Although economic growth has conventionally been viewed as the __________ for poverty in underdeveloped regions, this prescription’s negative environmental side effects are becoming a concern.


5. For a certain distribution, the measurement 12.1 is 1.5 standard deviations below the mean, and the measurement 17.5 is 3.0 standard deviations above the mean. What is the mean of the distribution?


6. 1.The name of the Sloane Matthew Library has long been ___________; even longtime city residents assume it is a run – of – the – mill library, never suspecting what art treasures it contains.


7. If the average hourly wage of the rank-and-file manufacturing worker in 1919 was $0.55, which of the following is closest to the average price of gallon of milk in 1919?


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