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Aashka Shah

UC Davis, GRE( 327)

Anirudh Goyal

Bits Pilani, GRE

Aryan Agrawal

Dartmouth, SAT

Arjun Sheth

University of Michigan , GRE

Dhairya Bhatt


I had heard about Ivy prep and the preparation it offers for competetive exams from a lot of my friends. Preparing for GRE with Ivy Prep helped me a great deal. The amount of material and resources that was given helped me push my limits to beyond what I expected from myself when I first began preparing. Five months of continuous training helped me achieve my target score. Focus and patience is key , and with Ivy Prep’s comprehensive plan of action all I had to do was give it my best effort. Ivy prep certainly helped me set a commendable goal as well achieve it.

Ira Kansara

DPS Jodhpur 1480 (SAT)

Daivat Bhatt

AU, 336 (GRE)
The most important aspect about GRE is the continuous efforts that you have to give to sharpen your Math skills and to cover an immense amount of ground in English. The topics that are included in Quantitative are generally from or before 10th grade and it would take little time to accustom ourselves to them. The Verbal section, however, is what makes the difference between standard scores and exceptional scores. The Math and Verbal program at IvyPrep is exceptional, and it has helped me channel my efforts in the right direction. The online program that it provides was the crux of my preparation for GRE, and it had helped me gain momentum for the score that I could achieve. All in all, the extensive resources available at IvyPrep has made it possible for the unbelievable score to become a reality.

Abhishek Parikh

Loyola , 1550 (SAT)

Aman Patel

LSE , 700 (GMAT)

A friend of mine suggested I go to IVYPREP after I had a bad experience with another coaching institute, and I will always remember it as one of the best decisions of my career. Amol sir and Aayushi ma’am are more than just fantastic teachers who are experts that are well versed with how the system works, they become your friends, your guides. They were my constant support in my three month rigorous GMAT training.  They have dynamic teaching styles changing to suit the need of every student. While Amol sir pushed me to get better in Quant because that was my strength, Aayushi ma’am was extremely patient and understanding with me when it came to my weakness of Verbal. Till the last practice exam I gave, the were on top of my scores, constantly analyzing which areas I could get better in , thereby pushing my score little by little. Without them, I doubt I would have gotten a 700 and without the 700 I doubt I would have been accepted to LBS and LSE. Thank you, Amol sir and Aayushi ma’am, you brought me a step closer to my dream.

So do yourself a favor, and pick IVYPREP!!

Smriti Narendran

ESSEC Paris , 320 (GRE)

Ivy Prep was recommended to me by a friend and I am glad I heeded to her advice. A month of crash course with Ivy boosted my confidence level and most importantly the systematic and meticulous planning from the faculty was laudable. Through methodical and targeted practice sessions it was ensured that I meet my target score of 320. I got enrolled with ESSEC Paris for MBA in Luxury Brand Management with 3 scholarships, namely – Young Potential Leader Scholarship, Early Bird Scholarship and Early Action Scholarship. Thanks Ivy!

Sakhi Ganeriwala

UT Austin, 700 (GMAT)

Hi everyone, my name is Sakhi Ganeriwala. I graduated from UT Austin 3 years ago and will be applying to business school this year.

I’ve prepped under Aayushi Ma’am and Amol Sir twice, one for my SAT and then my GMAT. And both times, I’ve done well. Amol Sir and Aayushi ma’am have the ability to gauge every students potential and increase it based on the goals we come to ivy prep with. These competitive exams aren’t easy and Ivy prep gives you the guidance and material needed to meet your goals.

As long as the student is ready to put in the work, Ivy Prep will be there to guide you all the way. I took my GMAT examination a year ago, and I’m still here taking advice from them on the schools I should attend and how to showcase a strong portfolio. From my experience, Ivy prep isn’t just an institution that’ll throw material your way. It helps you grow and mentally prepares you for the future.

Anushka Gala

AIS , 1500 (SAT)

Vishesh Parekh

Emory , 730 (GMAT)

Rehaan Shah

Bits Pilani , 335 (GRE)

Shivani Sopariwala

SAT (1440) , Fountainhead , Surat

It was an amazing experience. I couldn’t have asked for better teachers to help me ace my SAT. Amol Sir and Aayushi Ma’am truly have that potential to raise a person’s score drastically and also make him/her understand ANY concept, no matter how complicated it is. They have always been wiling to help in any way they can. And I would truly recommend IVY PREP to anybody wanting to ace their SAT too. Lastly, thank you so much Ma’am and Sir… couldn’t have done it without your guidance.

Sanoja Shah

SAT, Boston University​, Class of 2022

I first attended Ivyprep in the 9th grade for the PSAT and I remember being clueless about standardised tests, but in-spite of this Amol Sir and Aayushi Ma’am were there to guide me- and for that I am utterly thankful.
They were always there to answer the silliest doubts and help in every way that they can.
They also made SATs more fun, and comprehendible
Amol Sir, Aayushi Ma’am, thank you for everything. I can’t recommend Ivyprep enough.

Madhav Kothari

GRE (326) , Bits Pilani ( Dubai )

Really helpful classes that i could do from Dubai through one on one interaction through a virtual class. Allowing for personal interactions to help clear any and all doubts that I had and helping to develop the required skillset. The incredible assistance and resources that Ivy Prep provided me with, enabled me to effectively tackle the GRE exam and get an amazing score. Highly recommend anyone who wishes to go abroad to study.

Sarth Santoki

GMAT (710 ) , MSEL , Babson College

Ivy prep offers a blend of learning and inspiration that a student needs to achieve its goals. The overall study environment helps a student to learn and float among the pool of hardworking students.The precisely hand picked study material to help me in my GMAT effort were icing on the cake. They have all the resources which one would require to succeed. Both Amol SIr and Aayushi Mam helped me digest quality education and there was not a point where I felt lost and didn’t receive instant help. And the best things are the practice resources and the testing experience,stimulated to provide real time test experience.

Dev Patel (AIS)

SAT Score 1430

Accepted at: California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly SLO) ​ , Class of 2022​
Hi everyone, my name is Dev Patel and my journey with Ivy Prep started two years ago at it has been a great experience since then. Amol sir and Aayushi ma’am, apart from being great teachers and helping through your entire SAT curriculum, guide you through the entire process of foreign education, be it your application or your college selection. Ivy Prep is the destination for students who wish to study abroad. The hard work that Amol sir and Aayushi ma’am do so that we students achieve the best scores is unrequitable. I am happy that is choose Ivy Prep and I suggest all my fellow students to do so.

Anjali Sheth

SAT, University of Wisconsin Madison , Class of 2022

My experience at IVY prep met all my expectations, and more. The regular and rigorous practice provided was key to the upward trend in my scores and eventually gained me my target score. Amol sir and Aayushi ma’am have never failed to be supportive from start to finish.