Hi everyone, my name is Sakhi Ganeriwala. I graduated from UT Austin 3 years ago and will be applying to business school this year.

I’ve prepped under Aayushi Ma’am and Amol Sir twice, one for my SAT and then my GMAT. And both times, I’ve done well. Amol Sir and Aayushi ma’am have the ability to gauge every students potential and increase it based on the goals we come to ivy prep with. These competitive exams aren’t easy and Ivy prep gives you the guidance and material needed to meet your goals.

As long as the student is ready to put in the work, Ivy Prep will be there to guide you all the way. I took my GMAT examination a year ago, and I’m still here taking advice from them on the schools I should attend and how to showcase a strong portfolio. From my experience, Ivy prep isn’t just an institution that’ll throw material your way. It helps you grow and mentally prepares you for the future.